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Friday, May 6, 2011

1-3 hr masters

Dan Can the Two to Four hour masters.

We have made a long career in get in and getting out in under two, three or four hours with great results. Now you could take the opportunity to have all those small, very small and very very small items completed. These are the two, three and four hour jobs. Repair to door lock, repair a faucet, changing light bulbs, getting leaves out of the gutters, assemble an ikea chair, hang curtain(s), and attach wall base. 1-2-3 hours and done. That simple, that quick the experts again at Dan Can have got it covered.  We can save you money and solved the small nagging house hold items in a fast fashion.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weather and Your Home

Weather and your Home 
Making sure the exterior of your home stands up to the elements

It's the beginning of April and everyone is aware of the harsh weather conditions last month. Well if you're a home owner or a property manager there has to be real concern for your investment. Right now you can take advantage of Dan Can's legionary expertise and attention to detail, because the elements are hard at work on your investment. Three areas of concern that I can't stress more about that you need to be aware of.
 1.        Your roof:  how old is it and in what condition, let Dan Can get up there really give you some insight to were you stand, from the roof material to the roof penetrations these are all areas of concern for leaks and water damage.

2.       Your windows:  if your windows are not insulated or sealed correctly your investment dollars are literally going out the window. At Dan Can will look at each window and situation and determine if they can be repaired or replaced to save your investment.

3. Exterior: is the house a finish, painted, stucco or a wood product and is this finish creating a seal from the elements as they were intended to. If these items are not addressed and well maintained the harsh elements will waste no time attacking your investment.

So I leave you with this if it was my property and the experts at Dan Can Handyman Services could help you out with free estimates and site inspection on your investment I would jump at the chance.

Monthly Featured Affiliate 
Nick Lyon with Lyon Restoration.
With one year under his belt he's off to a fast and solid start. Lyon restoration specializes in full service restoration and environmental experts and offers 24 hour emergency services.  Dan Can would like continue our support and let you know a vendor we stand behind for exceptional work and quality results.
Lyon Restoration
Nick Lyon
Office: 415-876-6245
Cell: 415-235-5956

Weather and Your Home

Tuesday, March 29, 2011